Scrap Force



Scrap Force

Genre: Turn-based, Tactical, CCG

iOS Release: 10/22/2015

Platforms: iOS, Android

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Made with Unity Game Engine



Scrap Force is a strategy game that puts you in command of a ragtag group of young heroes tasked with saving the world from the menacing, interdimensional Obliteroids. You are guardians of the Power Shards, mystical fragments that transform scrap into powerful weapons and armor. Gather the Scrap, Craft your Gear, and Shard Up!

Recruit Space Knights, Cowgirls, Cyborgs, Pirates, Zombies, Wizards, Mechs, Dragons, Princesses, Samurais, Commandos and more as you fight to protect your dimension. You’ll be chugging Growth Potions, lobbing Meteors and smashing Obliteroids in minutes! As the battle wages on, you’ll master advanced techniques and deep tactics as you assemble the ultimate SCRAP FORCE!

Only you can save the world from Obliteration!

  • BATTLE the invading Obliteroids through 70+ missions
  • COLLECT 200+ unique 3D heroes and items, with new ones released monthly
  • UPGRADE your collection to maximize its power and unlock new abilities
  • ASSEMBLE the perfect squad by choosing your favorite heroes and items