Max Axe

Max Axe


Max Axeesrb_E

Genre: Infinite Runner

Released: October 2013

Platforms: iOS, Android



MAX AXE is a sensational new infinite runner for iPad & iPhone. In the game, you are MAX, a barbarian berserker out for mad loot. To play, simply draw the path of an axe with your finger, then watch Max throw an axe along that line. You can throw carefully, or machine-gun a flurry of axes. With each throw, the goal is to achieve combos of coins, gems, or monsters in order to unleash massive loot drops and ludicrous effects. You won’t believe your eyes, and that’s not just because of the juicy retina graphics! There’s also tons of little features to discover, including truly hilarious sound effects & original music. Play hard, react fast, and upgrade your gear to rule the leaderboards in this over-the-top action blowout!

  • ‘Draw with your finger’ axe control!
  • Fast paced action!
  • Totally destructible environment!
  • Mega combos – hit as many items as possible in a single throw & earn powerful drops!
  • Beat your friends’ scores & see them appear as in-game ghosts….then axe them!
  • Tons of gear to unlock!
  • Cartoony visuals!
  • Hilarious SFX & Original chiptune score!