Genre: 3-D Puzzle Game

Released: December 2012

Platforms: PC




In Aligned, players use the motion of their own hands to solve puzzles and rebuild a broken planet. By making gestures in 3D space, players rotate their view around a spherical universe to piece together six fragments of Thyllus, a world shattered by a passing comet.
Each of the six fragments represent a new twist on the game mechanics and contain several individual levels ranging from easy to mind-bending. Play with exploding cubes, mass fields, teleporters, and more as you solve puzzles like never before. Aligned is a challenging and thoughtful game offering hours of puzzle solving fun.

  • Motion Capture Camera – Creative Senz3D(TM) lets your hand movements control the gameplay.
  • Voice Activated Commands – Voice detection allows for easy menu navigation in this controller-free game.
  • Six Challenging Levels – Each unique environment introduces new game mechanics for hours of exciting gameplay!