A Million Minions

A Million Minions


A Million Minionsesrb_E

Genre: Action

Released: November 2012

Platforms: PC



A Million Minions is a humorous, cartoony action game that pits you – a castle in idyllic Youville – against an endless horde of colorful creeps. It all starts when the evil Lord Bune and his brothers steal your kingdom’s magic Candy Scepter. You must retrieve it, else it may never rain candy in Youville again!

The pressure is on. Smash, slice, shoot and block to earn the highest scores and figure out the mysterious origins of your squishy and mindless foes.

  • Motion Capture Camera – Creative Senz3D(TM) lets your hand movements control the gameplay.
  • Popup Story book Theme – Enjoy playing through three acts of fun!
  • Minion Gallery – Read their story as you unlock the various minions and the three big bad bosses.
  • Arcade Mode – Play variations of the core game, like timed Minion-smashing sprees and more!