Scrap Force Featured again for best new update in Strategy AND Role Playing on the App Store

Scrap Force is featured again in the App Store for best new update in the Strategy and Role Playing categories on the App Store. These features are bring in lots of new users to our beloved game. Congrats Team Scrap Force!


Naked Sky Entertainment hosts Charity Marathon Live Stream to Raise Money for Love146

Naked Sky Entertainment just hosted a 12-hr charity live stream to celebrate our partnership with Love146. From the hours of 10am-10pm PST, team Naked Sky and friends raised an amazing total of $7040.00 to benefit the efforts of Love146. The day was filled with lots of fun giveaways, games and of course plenty of Scrap Force. Special thanks to Geek & Sundry Twitch hosts Jessica Merizan and Erika Ishiii and Love146 Director of Development Matthew Miller for getting everyone hyped up to play Scrap Force and end child trafficking!

Love 146 is an international human right organization that fights child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention. Naked Sky has pledged 14.6% of net profits from their latest game, Scrap Force to Love146.


Apple features Scrap Force again!

Scrap Force is featured again in the Apple App Store under Best New Games for Strategy. Since Scrap Force’s release two months ago, Scrap Force has become a favorite by Apple being featured several times.

Go Scrap Force!


Scrap Force is featured in the “Winter Wonderland” category on the AppStore




Scrap Force is officially launched worldwide on iOS and is being featured under “Best New Games” on the AppStore!



Naked Sky Entertainment Joins Love146 to Fight Child Trafficking


Felicia Day Plays a Naked Sky Classic

Twister Mania was recently featured on Co-Optitude –a hilarious gaming show that features actress Felicia Day and her brother Ryon Day.


Max’s Mammoth Update

To celebrate almost 5 million downloads, A MAMMOTH has arrived!

Take a wild ride with Myrtle the Mammoth on a rampage of loot gathering and slime stomping. Tilt to steer Myrtle towards loot while tapping to jump over bubbling tar pits. Keep her well fed with salty nuts to MAXimize the wild ride! The world of Barbaria has never seen anything like it!

For some games this massive addition might be enough, but the dedicated staff at Naked Sky Entertainment has gone even further putting together a bevy of new features and improvements!

New pickups! Discover the rare and powerful mineral Blingonite! Find hidden relics specific to each world.
Upgrade your combos! Boom Shrooms, Score Doubler and even Gold Bush can have their power increased!
Try before you buy! A completely redesigned shop lets you preview all that sweet gear on MAX!
Blackhearts Guide! The official encyclopedia of Barbaria has everything you ever wanted to know about the world of MAX AXE.
More Missions! More Levels! More MAX!!!

All this in addition to the original addicting action experience. Developer Justin Molinari expounds on what the update means to players: “We heard a roar of feedback from our fans and acted. Players loved the different worlds but they now have purpose with relics. They wanted it to be easier to know what to upgrade and when. They wanted more levels and more missions. Done, done and done.”

Max Axe is available on iPhone/iPad, Google Play, Amazon and Windows platforms.



MAX AXE Tops The Charts!

Since its release three months ago, Max Axe has been featured by Apple three times. Thanks to the most recent Free App of the Week feature, Max Axe climbed to the No. 5 spot under the Free Chart for All Categories and All Games over the weekend. We saw over 2.6 million total downloads averaging 400,000 per day; over 45,000 5-star user ratings worldwide; and 2.3 million sessions played per day with avg session lasting 3.5 minutes, which comes out to 15.3 years of Max Axe played in a day!

Go Max Axe!



Naked Sky Entertainment releases MAX AXE worldwide

Independent developer Naked Sky Entertainment has unleashed their first original mobile title ‘Max Axe’, featured as a Best New Game by Apple, globally on to the App Store.

‘Max Axe’ brings players into the magical world of Loot Forest where an innovative drawing mechanic allows for full control of the magical axes our barbarian hero Max uses in dispatching foes and acquiring riches. Pulse pounding action, unique humor and “just one more run” addictive gameplay all combine to create a special mobile experience. Featuring stunning 3D graphics and an original score ‘Max Axe’ raises the bar creatively.

“We wanted to make a game that was uniquely suited to the touch screen experience, that took advantage of all the capabilities the increasingly powerful tablets and phones of today have.” explains software engineer and noted taco enthusiast Justin Molinari, “A game that had a challenging skill based experience but also kept a smile on your face.”

Watch the hilarious trailer and find out more at

Max Axe is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for $1.99 from the AppStore or at

About Naked Sky Entertainment

Naked Sky is an independent developer based in Los Angeles, California founded in 2002. Over the years, Naked Sky has developed a variety of games for Xbox, PS3, Mac, and PC working with publishers such as EA, Sony, Majesco and Paramount. MAX AXE is Naked Sky’s first original mobile title. For more information on Naked Sky, visit:




Naked Sky Entertainment Announces MAX AXE for iOS platforms! Releasing on October 31st, 2013!

You are MAX. You wield a magic AXE!


LOS ANGELES — October 17, 2013 — Naked Sky Entertainment is proud to announce MAX AXE, a pulse-pounding, axe-flinging action game available on the App Store OCTOBER 31st for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

In MAX AXE, the magical Land of Blugward has been overrun by foul beasts. As the area’s resident barbarian hero, it’s up to you to hack, slash, and combo your way to legendary fame, fortune, and gear.

MAX AXE features an innovative drawing mechanic that allows you to use your finger to precisely control the path of axes thrown at enemies and collectable loot. It stuns with incredible 3D retina graphics and original sound and music.

In the game, you are MAX – a radical barbarian in an over-the-top, storybook universe. Press “PLAY” and Max takes a romp through Loot Forest, where every plundering slime, dragon, and ghoul hides its treasure! Players must upgrade gear, chop farther and faster, and work into a frenzy in order to top the leaderboards and compete with friends!

Playing MAX AXE is an exhilarating romp, a frenzied rush of axe throws, massive loots drops, and sensational, over-the-top combos. Players will laugh at the hilarious and extreme nature of the action and events, and find themselves tensing as the pace kicks up and gets more and more frantic. Like a bag of greasy chips, just one go is never enough. Keep upgrading, keep playing, and Max will be able to get farther and farther with each run. It’s a truly addictive adventure with lots to offer!

MAX AXE is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or at Watch the hilarious trailer at

About Naked Sky Entertainment
Naked Sky is an independent developer based in Los Angeles, California founded in 2002. Over the years, Naked Sky has developed a variety of games for Xbox, PS3, Mac, and PC working with publishers such as EA, Sony, Majesco and Paramount. MAX AXE is Naked Sky’s first original mobile title. For more information on Naked Sky, visit:



Backyard Battles revealed at PAX Prime 2013!

Naked Sky’s upcoming multiplatform tactical strategy game was shown to the public for the first time at PAX Prime 2013 in Seattle this August and the response was great! Fans and journalists alike came by our homemade backyard to check out the game, watch the launch trailer and do battle on android and iOS devices.

A lot of wonderful feedback was recieved from players and the whole team had a great time visiting Seattle. Since then the press response has been amazing with a great coverage coming from all over! Traditional gaming press, dedicated strategy sites and mobile specialists all had something to say after visiting the booth! You can read more about that coverage including Backyard Battles first award on the Backyard Battles blog HERE.

Also announced was our upcoming FREE BETA which can be signed up for at the official

Backyard Battles website
( )

More information on the official launch, new characters, items and gameplay details will be coming shortly!



Intel bundles 2 original Naked Sky titles with its Perceptual Computing software!

A Million Minions and Aligned come to Perceptual Computing!

With A Million Minions, Naked Sky has created a humorous, cartoony action game that pits you – a castle in idyllic Youville – against an endless horde of colorful creeps. It all starts when the evil Lord Bune and his brothers steal your kingdom’s magic Candy Scepter. You must retrieve it, else it may never rain candy in Youville again!
The pressure is on.

Using the unique hand tracking ability of Intel’s latest technology, you use your hands to smash, slice, shoot and block all in quest to earn the highest scores and figure out the mysterious origins of your squishy, mindless foes!

In Aligned, we have allowed players to use the motion of their own hands to solve puzzles and rebuild a broken planet. By making gestures in 3D space, players rotate their view around a spherical universe to piece together six fragments of Thyllus, a world shattered by a passing comet.

Each of the six fragments represent a new twist on the game mechanics and contain several individual levels ranging from easy to mind-bending. Play with exploding cubes, mass fields, teleporters, and more as you solve puzzles like never before. Aligned is a challenging and thoughtful game offering hours of puzzle solving fun.

Both provide hours of fun utilizing cutting edge motion tracking technology from Intel and feature gameplay unique to this next generation of computer interaction and are available NOW!

See more here:



Majesco Entertainment Announces TWISTER™ MANIA On Kinect

Re-imagine the iconic game of Twister® as you twist, bend, and squeeze in this uninhibited laugh-out-loud party game.

Edison, N.J.-November 1, 2011-Majesco Entertainment, an innovative provider of video games for the casual market, announced today that its full-body motion game, TWISTER™ Mania, exclusively on Kinect™ for Xbox 360®, is available now, just in time for the holidays. Majesco Entertainment has teamed up with Hasbro™, one of the largest toy companies in the world, to add a digital twist to one of Hasbro’s premier brands that is a worldwide phenomenon in over 37 countries.

“TWISTER was one of the first games where you used your body as the game piece.” said Jesse Sutton, CEO, Majesco Entertainment. “TWISTER™ Mania is the perfect marriage of this all-time favorite game brand and the Kinect technology, as now your body is the game piece AND the controller. We know families and friends will have laugh-out-loud fun while playing TWISTER™ Mania this holiday season while enjoying the game’s new play patterns and amazing functionality.”

TWISTER™ Mania on Kinect for Xbox 360 combines the colorful, expressive and cooperative gameplay of the iconic TWISTER® board game and transforms it for the video game generation. Twist into fun with friends and family in this light-hearted, fast-paced game that supports up to eight players with deep gameplay, three game modes with 16 different variations and over 1,800 shapes to twist in to! Don’t hold back as you duck, squeeze, twist and move your body to match your opponent’s silhouette, knock down blocks against the clock and fill in thousands of crazy shapes of all sizes and themes!

“TWISTER is an iconic brand that is woven into the fabric of pop culture,” said Mark Blecher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of digital media and marketing at Hasbro. “The Kinect technology makes TWISTER Mania come to life and allows kids and adults to enjoy uninhibited full body fun in a whole new way.”

Developed by Naked Sky, TWISTER™ Mania is rated E for Everyone and available now for the suggested retail price of $49.99. For more information about TWISTER™ Mania, please visit For more information about the iconic Twister® board game or any other Hasbro™ properties, please visit

About Hasbro

Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) is a branded play company providing children and families around the world with a wide-range of immersive entertainment offerings based on the Company’s world class brand portfolio. From toys and games, to television programming, motion pictures, video games and a comprehensive licensing program, Hasbro strives to delight its customers through the strategic leveraging of well-known and beloved brands such as TRANSFORMERS, LITTLEST PET SHOP, NERF, PLAYSKOOL, MY LITTLE PONY, G.I. JOE, MAGIC: THE GATHERING and MONOPOLY. The Hub, Hasbro’s multi-platform joint venture with Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) launched on October 10, 2010. The online home of The Hub is The Hub logo and name are trademarks of Hub Television Networks, LLC. All rights reserved.
About Majesco Entertainment

Majesco Entertainment Company is a provider of video games for the mass market. Building on more than 20 years of operating history, the company is focused on developing and publishing a wide range of casual and family oriented video games on all leading console and handheld platforms as well as online, social networks and mobile devices. Product highlights include Zumba® Fitness, Cooking Mama, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Hulk Hogan’s Main Event. The company’s shares are traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol: COOL. Majesco is headquartered in Edison, NJ with offices in San Francisco, CA, Bristol, UK, and a social games development studio in Foxboro, MA. More info can be found online at or on Twitter at



EA Unveils Microbot

REDWOOD CITY, CA – What you can’t see, can save you. Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today revealed details about MicroBot, a unique gameplay experience taking players inside the human body. The new arcade-style shooter, which will be available Winter 2011 on Xbox Live® Arcade and PlayStation® Network, challenges gamers to control a microscopic ship—a MicroBot—on a mission to destroy a biotechnological infestation. MicroHexon Research has invented a transformative medical technology: autonomous nanotech machines that are no larger than a blood cell. When injected into the body they target and eliminate diseases at the cellular level. However, something has gone dangerously awry. The nanomachines have bonded to the diseased cells and are now multiplying inside the body at an exponential rate. Piloting a new prototype MicroBot, players must seek and destroy the infection before it consumes the human host from the inside.

In MicroBot, players battle malicious enemies as they travel through veins, bones, lungs and brain. The rhythms and fluids of the human body create a dynamic environment that affects movement and gameplay, providing both combat advantages and additional hazards to overcome. Just as each human body is unique, MicroBot dynamically creates new levels to ensure that the challenge is different every time gamers play. As players eradicate the biotechnological infestation, they will harvest data fragments which allow them to unlock over 20 pieces of upgradable microtechnology. Using this newly acquired technology, players can strategically customize their MicroBot with powerful weapons, defensive systems, movement parts, and special abilities. With millions of possible configurations, players can build a MicroBot to suit any style of play. “We wanted to take gamers to a place they have rarely visited before — the world inside the human body. The fluid dynamics of the world and the customization of the MicroBot come together to create a unique take on the arcade shooter genre”, said Jason Haber of Electronic Arts. “MicroBot is an energetic and addictive game that is perfect for anyone that plays games on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.”

Players can take on the infection together by teaming up in a cooperative drop-in/drop-out multiplayer experience. Not only will players battle side-by-side, but they can also upgrade their MicroBots simultaneously in the innovative co-op editor, where they work together to create the ultimate MicroBot team. Developed in conjunction with Naked Sky Entertainment, LLC, EA is scheduled to launch MicroBot in Winter 2011. Consumers can keep up-to-date on the latest MicroBot developments at

About Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, the Company develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for video game systems, personal computers, wireless devices and the Internet. Electronic Arts markets its products under four brand names: EA SPORTS™, EA™, EA Mobile™ and POGO™. In fiscal 2010, EA posted GAAP net revenue of $3.7 billion and had 27 titles that sold more than one million units. EA’s homepage and online game site is More information about EA’s products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at

EA, EA SPORTS, EA Mobile and Pogo and are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. Xbox and Xbox Live are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. “PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.




Star Trek: DAC makes the CNN “must buy” games list for the holidays!



Star Trek: DAC Deluxe Edition Release

Naked Sky Entertainment proudly announces the release of Star Trek: DAC Deluxe Eddition, a fast-paced, top-down space shooter, via Steam and PSN. Warp onto the galactic battlefield with your friends and join other players as they fight for the Federation or Romulan Empire. Experience the thrill of piloting five different ship classes in three distinct modes in co-op or versus or boldly test your solo skills against the relentless Romulan armada in the brand new Survival Mode.

Star Trek: DAC released it is priced at $9.99 on Steam, Xbox Live and PSN. The game is available in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.



AiR Unveiled

Hollywood, CA – Naked Sky Entertainment unveiled AiR, a versatile augmented reality application, amid accolades from fellow developers and digital entertainment enthusiast at AFI’s DigiFest. AiR uses current smart phone technologies to recognize and transform glyphs and symbols into real-time games, personalized advertisements, and dynamic educational tools.



Star Trek: DAC Officially Released



Demo tech development for unannounced gaming hardware



A.I. and Tool Development for Riot Games’ upcoming League of Legends: Clash of Fates



Grand Prize Winner!

RoboBlitz is the Grand Prize winner for ECD Systems’ 2nd Annual Indie Game Developers Showcase. Thanks for the support from everybody!!



GameTap Indie Award Recipient

Naked Sky Entertainment is a GameTap Indie Award Recipient at the Independent Games Festival 2007. Thanks to everybody who loves RoboBlitz! Keep finding that Upgradium!



RoboBlitz at GDC

Come play RoboBlitz in the IGF Pavilion at the Game Developers
Conference in San Francisco. Stop by and say hi and meet the
developers! Change, Tarik, Tian and Josh will be around the booth.



Wow! Nominated For Best New Studio!!!!!!!

Naked Sky Entertainment is nominated in the New Studio category for the 2007 Game Developers Choice Awards



Play Magazine: Download Of The Year

RoboBlitz is named “Best Digital Download” Game of the Year in the ’2006 Year in Review’ issue of Play magazine (February, p.69)


1/22/07 Interview

Check out our interview with You can find it here.



Nominated as 2007 IGF Finalist

RoboBlitz is a Finalist for the 2007 Independent Games Festival Competition in the ‘Grand Prize’ and ‘Excellence In Visual Art’ categories.



RoboBlitz Released on Xbox 360 Live Arcade

You can find the full press release here.



RoboBlitz in Top 10 Games For Kids

RoboBlitz is featured in the Top 10 Recommended Games for Children and Teens in 2006 by MediaWise (as featured on NBC News).



RoboBlitz Coming to Steam!

You can find the full press release here.



New Screenshots!

Make sure to check out the gallery, there’s some great new screens of the upcoming RoboBlitz release! –



RoboBlitz Demo at GDC

Please visit us at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, Convention Center booth 443.


3/22/06 website launched.



NSE Using ProFX in RoboBlitz

Naked Sky Entertainment and Allegorithmic announce deal to license ProFX procedural texture authoring and rendering system for RoboBlitz. – click here for info



NSE announces Roboblitz for Xbox 360 via Live Arcade

click here for info



RoboBlitz Tech Demo launched worldwide!

It is a free bundle with the purchase of every new Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor. Grab a copy while supplies last!



Multiplayer RoboBlitz Demo

Multiplayer RoboBlitz showcased at E3 in the nVidia and Intel booths. It was one of the first Unreal Engines 3 based game demos to showcase intricate physical interactions in a multiplayer environment.



RoboHordes Demo at GDC

RoboHordes Demo was featured in the Intel and nVidia booths at GDC. See review: – click here for info



RoboHordes at IDF

Naked Sky Entertainment’s RoboHordes Demo debuted at Intel Developer Forum. See review: – click here for info